We were both on cloud 9 when we left the parking lot that day.  Both of us newbies to the world we were so excited about diving head long into! Neither one of us really knowing exactly what we were doing, only knowing that we longed for and craved the type of relationship we had been discussing.  It was all so titillating for me to think about, especially with this man.


Marc appeared so perfect to me, and perhaps I to him.  He was highly intelligent, a good communicator, handsome, well put together, open-minded, playful, witty, and desirous of being molded and shaped into exactly what would please me most. Yes indeed, all of the boxes were checked! I truly felt as if I had found the most perfect sub on the planet. At least for me.


The next day we were on the phone, discussing plans on when and where we could meet to get to know each other in a bit more of an intimate setting.  We agreed upon a local hotel and he requested that I make all of the arrangements. I was a bit surprised at this but said I would indeed take care of it. He made certain that I understood he would reimburse me for any and all costs.


I made it to the hotel with plenty of time to spare. When I got up to the room, I texted him the #.  He responded that he was just minutes away.  I was nervous and excited and sweaty and damp. Well, maybe in reality I was actually a bit more than damp. 😉 I just couldn’t wait to see him again! This time I could really get my hands on him! No need to worry about who might see and who might hear! OMG, this is really happening!


Just then I heard the rap at the door…


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO