G-Spot!  The male G-Spot…shouldn’t this be under P?   I debated long long and hard whether to probe the G-Spot under G or probe your prostate under P.  Perhaps I will visit this again when I reach P.  I know that you so like it when I visit this spot over and over and over again!   Perhaps there are a few other letters you’d like to include in this topic?!?


This is an area private and remote.  But when fully embraced flourishes and blossoms with attention.   If you are brave enough to caress it yourself or bold enough to allow another to probe and play…you will indeed likely find a new level of ecstasy.


Some may have trouble embracing the male G-Spot.  A lot of this has to do with preconceived notions about enjoying pleasure from this type of stimulation.  The two main hesitations about fully embracing this sensual region have to do with social taboo and fear of one’s own sexuality identity.


So why do you love to caress your partner?  Your partner receives pleasure from the caress, but you receive intense pleasure as well.  This is because your fingertips are filled with nerves that detect pressure, heat, and many other sensations.  Any part of your body that is filled with these receptors can become a great source of pleasure…regardless of your sexual identity.  Your anus and your prostate are chock full of these receptors.  We evolved this way to help with biological functions that are necessary for survival.  A deliciously joyous byproduct of this evolutionary process comes when we embrace this amazing source of pleasure!  🙂 


Your G-Spot is loaded with these nerve endings to insure that our species continues.  But learning how to tease and pleasure them can SO greatly enhance your sexual bliss!  🙂