…and Mandy stood there framed by the doorway. Her hair brushed out and looser than before, her nipples hard and pinker than he ever imagined. She wore only the jewelry, the wisp of a thong and her stiletto heels. He was amazed and totally enthralled.


She told him to come closer and bring her phone. He took two pictures of her, one close-up of her face and the other of her standing in the doorway with the bedroom as background.


John was still on the patio having ordered another glass of wine when his phone pinged. He saw the close-up picture with the caption, “Aren’t they beautiful?” The phone pinged again a few minutes later.  It was the second picture of Mandy in all her beauty. “Be a good boy and don’t wait up,” was the message with that picture.


She took his hand and she led him back to the table. Without saying a word, Mandy picked up her empty glass and held it out to him. “Yes, I’m sorry,” he muttered and refilled Mandy’s glass. After taking a sip, Mandy started to slowly walk around him. He began to turn his head to follow her. Her hand raised taking his chin; turning it back, “eyes forward,” she said.


Then standing behind him, her warm breath on his flesh, a soft purr in his ear, “You have a long way to go, you know that don’t you?” A groan escaped his lips, “Yes, yes I do know.” As she walked around him, her hand dragged over his arms, his back and finally his chest as she stood in front of him.


Her piercing blue eyes locked into his and his lowered slightly. The beginning of a smile came to her lips, and she simply said, “Take off your clothes. All of them.”


Mandy sipped her champagne as she watched him strip for her. “Very nice,” she offered as he stood naked before her. Her fingers reached and grabbed his hard cock and started to stroke it. A step to him and her hard nipples rubbed against his chest sending a shiver through his body. Her cheek brushed his as she whispered in his ear, “You should have paid for the necklace, you would have gotten more, much more.”


Mandy stroked and squeezed him. She brought him to the edge and held her glass in front of his throbbing cock.


“Cum, Cum for me, NOW.” He could not hold back and his cock erupted. His cum shooting into the glass, on her hand, falling to the floor. Mandy held the glass of champagne and his cum and handed it to him. She kissed him on the cheek and whispered, “This is a gift from me.”


She wiped her hand on his chest and went into the bedroom, picked up her belongings and put on a robe from the closet. She sauntered out of the room without as much as a good bye and went to their suite.  


She stepped into the room and John was sitting there dressed. Mandy dropped her dress and clutch on the couch and slipped out of the robe.


She went over to John and took his hand. Looking into his eyes she said, “Don’t ask, I don’t even know his name.” She led him into the bedroom.“Now be a good boy, take off your clothes and fuck me.”


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO