Yes, indeed they have! Monday was my very first night back, and it was SO great to be back!  And what made it so great you ask? Well, let me tell you just one thing that made it so. My first call was with a client that I had not spoken with since the summer! But what makes this SO special is that he has tried to reach me so many times since then! And since he is a west coast guy (unlike me…well, obviously I am not a guy, LOL), it became that much easier for him to get me! 


Maybe you’re one of those west coast guys that just can’t get away from work, or whatever else, when I am most often available to speak with you? But even if you ARE able to get away… often you’ve likely found me playing with someone else, right?


So how can we fix that dilemma for you? Well, I see two possible solutions here…#1, you look for me on a Monday or Friday night between about 9:00 and midnight EST and hope I am not already engaged with another client. Or #2, you make an appointment with me for a Monday or Friday night between 9:00 and midnight, so that you are certain that you’ll have me ALL to yourself.


Yes, 9PM- 12PM are the hours that I plan on being available. And like I said in a previous post, I might start a few minutes earlier or end a tad later. Especially if things are flowing like a lovely waterfall. I can never resist those lovely waterfalls! 


Talk with you soon~

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


PS. I may not be working every Monday and/or Friday night.  But…the more you want me, the more I will work to make myself available!