Well, if you play your cards right you just might get one!


Do any of you recall when I first began my LDW career? Well, I was a part-timer for a few years (back then), and I worked predominantly nights.


I think there’s a little part of me that is longing for that late night feel again.


So, here is the deal!  Starting in December, or perhaps sooner, I will be working one or two nights for a few hours. The two nights will be Monday and Friday.  Sometimes it will be Monday, sometimes it will be Friday, and sometimes you will be lucky enough to see me on both evenings.


My plan is to work approximately 9:00pm till 12:00am EST.


And, I might start a few minutes earlier or end a tad later, especially if I am having a steamy erotically charged conversation! It is very hard to get off of those type of calls.  Of course, it’s not very hard to get off on them, lol!


What else should you know?  Well, this is going to be a “test drive” for me, likely for just a few months. I will see how things go, and if you are all burning up my phone line, I will most definitely keep it up, lol. Heck, I may even add more hours, or other days, if the demand reaches a sufficient peak to make me cum back over and over again.


And just one more thing, which you likely already know, I can be quite hard to reach sometimes.  Ohhhhhh yes, it’s true!  But you need not miss out, all you do need is a tiny bit of planning, and I can be all yours!  Yes, exactly, make an appointment with me!


An Evening Session With Mandy…hmmmmm that sounds like a lovely bed time story, doesn’t it?