So if you haven’t already done so I want you to go back and read My last blog post!  It is ALL about doubling your pleasure…and by this I mean 2- Mistress Calls!


I love them…they are absolutely wonderful with the right lady riding shotgun!  And as I eluded to before, in My last post, having the right combination…the right chemistry…just makes it all sooooo damn yummy!!!


So, why has “doubling your pleasure” gotten better you ask???  Well, as you clearly see above, we are running a special promotion this month!


An entire wonderful special day that is going to be completely devoted to the “threesome”!  Or put another way, it’s the puuuuurfect day for the connoisseurs of  2 lovely sexy ladies at the same time!  Mmmmmmmm yes…how positively delicious!!!  🙂


So, this is going to be fun!  My plan is to likely be around in the morning a bit, later in the afternoon, and then perhaps into the evening…not My usual schedule as I rarely work nights.  But, ALL this sexy just gets My juices flowing!!!


So, if you’d like to plan a 2-Mistress call with Me and another HOT lady, the best thing to do is to email or IM Me before the big day (Wednesday August 26th) with any and all details that you’d like to share!  And it will  also be super helpful if you not only send these details to Me but to both of us.  This way we both know that you are looking to play!  🙂


But, if you happen to find yourself with a bit of unexpected time on your hands…don’t worry that you didn’t plan ahead…just pick up the phone and tell the dispatcher that you wish to Double Your Pleasure… 🙂