So here’s the deal…Mistress Scarlet (visit her site at and I are teaming up in March to Double Your Pleasure and Double Your Fun!!! What does this really mean?!? Well…keep reading. So, you may have guessed, or heard about it already, but it’s Our Anniversary! And because it is we wanted to make it super special and tons of fun!! So, we’re teaming up yet again to celebrate with YOU! So as you can see…this is now becoming a thing for us…a VERY VERY SEXY thing!! ๐Ÿ™‚


Scarlet and I know each other incredibly well as we’ve been here together since we started. And we absolutely love playing together!! She is a very kinky, naughty, and creative one, that girl! And we always have SO much fun together!! ๐Ÿ™‚



Schedule A Two Mistress Call (Skype/Live-Chat/Sexy-Texting) With Scarlet & Me in March 2022 (Availability from March 1st- 27th) and receive 5 FREE Minutes when you spend 30 Minutes or More with us! And we know it will be painfully hard to resist More… ๐Ÿ˜‰



Well, as I see it…the possibilities are nearly endless. So, when you schedule your session with us, let us know what your perfect two-Mistress call will be about and weโ€™ll do our absolute best to make that happen! Maybe you just want some sexy conversation, to share that deep dark secret, some sph, stroking guidance/joi, or perhaps a sexy fantasy roleplay! And to quote Ms.Scarlet…”You come up with something and we will enjoy the fuck out of getting into it with you!” OMG…YES WE WILL!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚



Scheduling with the two of us is very easy โ€“ you have a few options.

Option #1- Scarlet has an online “Schedule A Session Form” you can use. Just let her know that you want to have a two Mistress call with both of us! Make sure you provide your email address and times, dates, etc. and she or we will get back to you ASAP to set it up!

Option #2- You may send a message to us in Skype. Scarlet’s Skype name is: thescarletmistress and mine is: mandy.sexton7. We can schedule through Skype as well as hold a session on Skype if youโ€™d like (with you on cam or not, it’s always your choice). You can also have a live chat/sexy texting session with the both of us!

Option #3- You may (of course) send one or both of us an email ( with all of the details of your desire!



(1) Calls must be scheduled and the session held between March 1- March 27 2022. (2) Calls must be a consecutive 30 minute minimum to receive the 5 free minutes. (3) The 5 free minutes are tacked onto your call immediately (i.e. a 30 minute call will be 35); not at another time. (4) Skype/live- chat/sexy- texting sessions absolutely qualify for this awesome promo. (5) Yes โ€“ you CAN take advantage of this promo more than once! (6) And lastly, you can always schedule shorter sessions at any time โ€“ we donโ€™t mind a quickie! And sometimes this is just exactly what you need *wink*.


Any questions…feel free to reach out and ask either of us! We promise that we won’t bite. Well…unless you ask nicely of course lol! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Can’t wait for our threesome…it’s going to be SO much fun!!!



Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy ๐Ÿ™‚ XO