The Rolling Stones complained about not getting any satisfaction but maybe the real issue for them was not that they couldn’t get any but that they struggled to fully enjoy the satisfaction they had attained.


Many of us have trouble slowing down and enjoying being satisfied.


While you were sitting on the couch happy and full after a great thanksgiving dinner, were you able to enjoy the warm feelings of satisfaction in your belly?   Or did your mind wander to that big pile of dishes that needed attending to?   Or perhaps you were too busy thinking about your long list of chores that you didn’t finish the weekend before?   Or maybe you were already beginning to stress about the work week looming come Monday morning?!


Satisfaction is more than just feeling satisfied, it’s the ability to enjoy that satisfaction.


So, what about you??  Do you enjoy, truly enjoy the feelings and sensations that come with being satisfied?!?


What about orgasm?  Do you rush to get to that ultimate “pinnacle of pleasure” or do you relax and take your time…making it last because getting there is just SO damn much fun and feels just SO damn wonderful?!?


And then after that wonderful orgasm, that fantastic explosion, how do you feel?  What do you do?  Are you enjoying these warm satisfying sensations or are you quickly putting your clothes back on…!!


For Me the getting there and the afterglow are every bit as wonderful as those few seconds of pure pleasure!!


Think about how wonderful it is to feel fully hard, pulsating and stretching against your own skin.  Think about that warm melty feeling you have right after you’ve exploded!  Embracing these feelings and sensations will enhance and expand all of your sexual and non-sexual endeavors moving forward.


Embrace the simple pleasures of each moment and you will enjoy the whole!  🙂