And no, I am NOT talking about a nice big thick cock…LOL.  Although that of course  is rarely ever a bad thing…


I am actually speaking about what fills Me up from an emotional, mental,  and spiritual sense.


I am certain that some of you who may be reading this will have either a good sense of what the answer is or even a very clear knowledge of what the answer is.  🙂   And this alone makes Me very happy, indeed.


So…any guesses?!?   There will be no penalty or punishment for wrong answers, lol.


OK…here it is.  Even though I am a fairly dominant woman…I truly enjoy making people happy and feel good.


I love it when I help someone stretch themselves…to venture out of their comfort zone…to help them  explore what is honestly going on inside!


I love it when I really get to see YOU…not the you that you show the rest of the world but the REAL you, the scared you, the vulnerable you, the confused you, the slutty you, the naughty you, the feminine you!!!  🙂


All of these wonderful parts of you that you feel you can’t or won’t share with anyone else.


Unlike Sun Tzu, in The Art Of War, I look for the authentic you freely given with no pain and no judgement, only comfort and acceptance.  I want to meet the real you on your terms.


I am strong and want My desires met.  But, I am most pleased when My needs and your needs coincide.


If My pleasure is your pleasure…ohhhhhhh what wonderful music and mischief we can make together!!  🙂