Man on Man Action

That I LOVE watching men?? OMG…do I ever!!!!  And honestly, it really doesn’t matter what they are doing.  As long as I find them engaging and attractive, they don’t have to be doing all that much, really!  Kissing is every bit the turn on that sucking and fucking is in my world!  Yeah lol….I’m pretty easy to please. 🙂


My Feet Love Attention

It’s so true!  My feet love to be rubbed, massaged, kissed, licked, and of course sucked on!  And feeling fingers alongside those lips and tongue is all the better!  They enjoy it with or without a nice peppermint or lavender or coconut oil or cream. But that silky oil or cream can really help my tired tootsies relax! My pretty feet just plain ole love to be pampered in every which way! 🙂


Pain Turns Me On

It really does!  Well, just to be clear…I am speaking of pain in a sexual context only…physical pain.  I especially enjoy creating a modicum of pain for someone (but I want you to want it) in any number of ways…spanking, whipping, cropping, biting, clamping.  Ohhhh it’s so sexy and so hot…all of those nerve endings being ignited!! I love watching others inflict pain, too. I get SO horny and SO wet!!! 🙂


Sweet Sensitive Geeky Guys

I have always and probably will always gravitate towards these type of men.  And I guess that’s a really good thing as John is most assuredly one of them, lol! Yes, I love kind, sweet, thoughtful, sensitive, intelligent men! Even in my more rebellious days, I have never really been enamored by the “bad boy”. 🙂


Anything surprise you or did you know all of this about your Goddess?!?  I do wonder!  Have I done a good job of sharing myself with you or perhaps there is work to do on getting to know me a little bit better??

Perhaps there is something that you wonder about me and have been hesitant to ask?  Well, don’t be shy….ask away!!  Maybe we have more in common than you might think. 🙂


PS. Those 30 FREE minutes are still in tact as I await the proper guess in my wedding song contest.  Cum on….call me and guess!! They could be YOURS!