Come in and close the door behind you, Todd. I sat down in the chair across from my boss and wondered what on earth this could be about. Bill said, “I noticed something different about you this morning out on our call.” My brain raced and just as I got there he said…”I saw your panties sticking out over your waistband.”

I felt my cheeks flush with color as I looked down at the floor. And then came the barrage of questions. “Do you always wear panties?” “Why do you like wearing panties?” “Have you worn them before and nobody noticed?” “I bet you’re a little cocksucker, aren’t you?”

So, just a little bit of background…Bill and I have worked together for a number of years and only recently did he become my boss. Our work relationship has always been a good one. And for what it’s worth, he is only a couple of years older than me.

But nothing could have prepared me for this! My head was spinning…so much adrenaline pumping!  I wanted to get up and leave yet I didn’t want to, all at the same time. I really didn’t answer his questions…was he really expecting me to?!?

And then he said it…”I’ll keep your secret if you take care of me.”  WTF…I thought to myself! Clearly there was no need to decode that message! It was crystal clear what Bill wanted from me. I looked at him with disbelief. “It’s your decision,” he said. And without having much time to process, “Yes” slipped out of my lips.

The next thing I knew I was down on my knees behind his desk as he sat there comfortably in his chair. I will tell you now that my boss was right, I am a cock sucker.  But, I had mixed feelings about what happened that day and still do. And I would be completely lying if I told you that I hated sucking his dick. Bill has one beautiful dick…good size, thick, and circumcised. And his cum was definitely some of the best that I’ve ever tasted.

But the predicament he put me in was just wrong, right? I mean…what about the whole “Me Too Movement”? How could he do this now with all of that? I haven’t told anybody else, just Mandy. And right now I’m not sure exactly what I want to do. But I’ve had thoughts of doing it again. Of wanting to do it again. But this time I would turn the tables on him…and make sure that my dick gets a little action, too.


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO