Yay…It’s almost Halloween!!!  A time that SO many of us LOVE!   A night to go all out and let it ALL hang out!


It’s a night of anything goes, right?!?   You can wear anything you want, be whomever you want…essentially  feel free to be as scary, sexy, timid, silly, naughty, or slutty as you want to be!


How wonderful…how delicious…how freeing!!! 🙂  Dress up however you please and nobody is judging!   This is IT…how perfect, right?!


But, I guess I am wondering…


As fun and freeing as this one night is…why can’t we simply embrace this way of  thinking and being ALL the time…all year long?  Why does it need to be just one night?!?


Why do we SO often feel the need to wear this “proverbial mask” as we walk through our lives??  To hide who we truly are??  To hide the things that are SO important to us and make us the amazingly special and unique human beings that we are??  What are we really afraid of?


I think that we are afraid of being judged, or singled out, or ridiculed, or passed over, or humiliated, or perhaps worst of all abandoned or told that we are unloveable.


What about you…is it ONLY on Halloween that you wear this mask?!



PS.  You have 3 more days to submit your answers to My 20 Questions…Midnight on Halloween is the Witching Hour!  🙂


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