i was expecting to see one of the men, but i saw no one. Finding my slutty secretary outfit with pleated mini skirt and black high heels, i put my breast forms, clothes, and wig back on. As dinner time approached, the men were still not around, and Goddess Mandy awoke from Her nap wondering what was for dinner. i figured the men went out, so i made dinner for Goddess Mandy and myself.


As the evening wore on, we had a wonderful time talking. She wanted to see how i was feeling about being a real faggot and whored out. “Very humiliated and very grateful, Goddess. Everything is also a little sore,” i said chuckling. “Marcus left me a little sore too,” Goddess Mandy said winking. I continued, “but i realized a long time ago something like today needed to happen. And when i met You, Goddess, i knew something like this would eventually be required. Thank You, Goddess, for letting me serve You.”


“Well, melody, i’ve been very pleased with you this weekend, so far. Watching you take all of those cocks this afternoon was extremely hot. Good thing Marcus had something left for me too.”


With the men still gone, we decided to watch a movie. As the hours wore on, we finally gave up and went to bed. In the middle of the night, all four men stumbled through the front door into the living room, waking me up. They were all drunk, hammered actually, and somehow made it to their bedrooms. Later, i was awoken again when Dan came into the living room naked with a hard, five inch cock between his legs.


“On your knees, faggot. I’m going to fuck you, and you aren’t going to tell anyone about it, got it?”


“Yes, Sir, but may i ask why i shouldn’t tell anyone?”


“Because I’m not going to pay Mandy another cent for your ass. You’re my cheap whore for the night.”


Dan mounted me and fucked me, much like he did earlier in the afternoon. It felt good, but his smaller cock was no Marcus cock. Dan only lasted a few minutes. He pulled out and went back to his bedroom without saying another word. At least the fucking helped relieve some tension for me, and i was able to get back to sleep rather quickly.


The next morning, Mandy and i awoke hours before the very drunk men. After serving Goddess Mandy breakfast, i decided to tell Her what happened the previous night with Dan. After explaining everything, Her response was simply “I’ll take care of it,” which led me to drop the subject.


Finally, in the late afternoon the men rose, all with terrible hangovers. They all craved caffeine and food, so i put on a large pot of coffee and made up greasy eggs, bacon, and sausage to help them feel better. There was a lot of milling about and talking, but no one seemed very interested in my flirtations. Before i knew it, the sun starting to set, and i worried about not having the remaining $100. “Melody,” Goddess Mandy called, “you and I need to be heading back since we have such a long drive.”


“Just a moment, Mandy,” Mark said curtly. “You still owe me $100. Your whore only earned $900 yesterday, and no one is in the mood to fuck right now.” Now, i was very nervous.


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO