Does this sound like you?  Would YOU be uttering these lovely words to me or to someone else, perhaps?!?


Are you a cum-eater???  Are you a cum-lover???


I AM…well I am a lover of YOU eating your cum and eating it all!  And of course I am an equally big fan of you eating someone else’s cum, too!  It’s just sooooo yummy, isn’t it?!?  Mmmmmm that creamy, salty, warm deliciousness…sliding down past your tongue…ohhhh yes!!!  🙂


But maybe this isn’t you…maybe this is what you want to be…maybe this is what you aspire to be?!?  Maybe you’re longing to be able to say that you are a cum-eater and a cum-lover…are you???


Well this would most assuredly make me happy (as you can clearly tell)!  But what about you?  Do YOU really want it…I mean REALLY want it?!?!  Because you have to REALLY want it or you’re just playing at it, right?!!


So, if you’ve decided that you really want it, answer me these questions…Have you struggled to even put it in your mouth??  Do you chicken out when the time arrives because you lose the desire after orgasm??  Do you think to yourself, what am I doing…why do I want this anyway??  Do you think it’s “gay” or that eating your cum will make you gay??


Any of this sound like you???  I am guessing the likely answer is Yes.  So I will say again, if you REALLY want it…I can likely help you get to where you want to be.  And then you can happily and proudly proclaim…