YES! We would love for you to cum celebrate with us!


During the first week of LDW’s 15th Anniversary Month, EVERYONE gets a free 5 minute call, every dayl!  That’s right, whether you’ve called us before or not, whether it’s been years since your last call or whether you’ve already called today, you are invited to call in for a free 5 minute call EVERY day of the week with the Featured Mistress of the hour from November 1 through November 7.


You can apply your free minutes to a longer call with the Featured Mistress of the hour when you call if you so choose.  A calendar of Featured Mistresses will be posted at before the start of the promotional period (on or before October 31st).


And if you’re wondering at all if I will be a Featured Mistress, the answer is a resounding YES! And if you call and I am already engaged in a session, not to worry.  You will be given a “rain check” for another time that I AM available to speak with you. This is true for all of us sexy Mistresses here at LDW. 


Here Are My Featured Mistress Days and Times:

11/2 (Thursday) 6AM-9AM

11/3 (Friday) 6AM-9AM

11/7 (Tuesday) 12PM-3PM




Talk with you VERY soon…can’t wait!!!

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


PS. **If you have any additional wonderings please feel free to email OR make your way to**