Pete and I spoke many times before I knew much about Liz or she knew anything at all about me.  One thing I always enjoyed about Pete was just how fun and laid back he was…well perhaps that is two things, lol.


Don’t get me wrong, I felt his passion for his wife and for his cuckold desires, but he seemed fine to take things slow…to let them progress as they were going to…not to try and force anything.


The next thing I recall hearing about was Peter sharing some type of cuckold literature with his wife. I think that he may have even just left it hanging around…. and well of course, Liz found it. After a bit of discussion, she told him that she would read it and let him know what she thought.


I remember Pete being a little bit anxious (in a good way) during this period of time. Yet I don’t recall it being too long before he realized that she was enjoying it and at least a little bit intrigued by the story and it’s characters.


I could tell that Pete was both hopeful and excited with the news! Might Liz actually be open to exploring this type of relationship with him?!?


Well….he had opened up the door at least a crack and was most certainly going to step inside!!  Hmmmmm….well, as long as she said that he could. I suppose this is really more the truth of the mater. 🙂