It all began for me and Peter back in the Spring of 2011.  He called me and said that he was new to this and wasn’t really sure what all he wanted to talk about or explore.  But one thing was clear, he was on the small size (penis wise) and wanted to be sure that I knew it.


I remember him sending me pictures and videos (in the weeks and months to come) of his penis in various states and levels of undress. He seemed to really enjoy any type of nylon or stocking encasing his little member inside.   Peter was also a big fan of tying up both his dick and ball sac in that silky hose, too!  He was actually quite cute and creative about it, I recall.  🙂


Pete was super nice and sweet and we always had interesting, fun, and incredibly honest comfortable conversations.  I always looked forward to my calls with Peter and wished they could have been more frequent. Both of us usually left the session wanting just a little bit more.


So, I am not exactly sure when Pete first brought it up, but I do know that he expressed a desire for bigger….well mostly bigger for her…his wife, Liz.  At this point Liz really didn’t know about Pete’s desire for her to have more in the bedroom.  But…eventually that would indeed change.


I will tell you now that Pete and Liz had a very beautiful and loving exploration into the world of cuckoldry.  And I feel very lucky and grateful to have been a part of their very special journey!


I am excited to share more with you in the weeks to come!!