Hmmmmmm what is C?!?  Oooooh well it could certainly be many things!  One thing that immediately cums to mind is “COCK”.   And there are so many out there…even in the strap-on variety!


So how do you choose???


Well, I think there are lots of things one might consider.  Here are just a few…Size, Material, and Color.


So, if one is brand new to strap-on play, size is clearly a hugely important factor to take into consideration!  A cock (dildo) that is on the smaller size, perhaps 5-6″ or so and not too thick wouldn’t necessarily be a bad place to start.  More especially, if that ass has only been penetrated by lil things like tongues or fingers.  But if your ass has had some “play”….perhaps 6-8” would indeed be completely reasonable, as well as the girth being a bit more substantial.


Alright, now that there is some sense of just how large or small…let’s discuss what this dildo might be made of.  There are indeed options here too!  One can find a dildo made of rubber, silicone, plastic, glass and perhaps other materials that I am not even aware of.  🙂


So, one thing you might take into account is just how easily one material can be cleaned over another.  Additionally, some materials hold scent much more than others.  Perhaps it’s important to you OR your girlfriend, wife, partner, or Mistress NOT have the toy box or drawer smell like crap!  *wink*


And,  I think there is always at least some preference on just how hard or squishy an ideal dildo might be.  Some materials are much more pliable than others which can greatly affect the ease and/or difficulty of insertion.  And, of course the feel inside that very sensitive cavity.


And last, but certainly not least, each of these materials retain heat and/or cold in varying degrees.  Is it quick and easy to warm or cool down your dildo?  Might this factor be an important one to consider?


Now, let’s talk about the color of this dildo.  Well of course you can find lots of flesh colored ones, that is easy.  But honestly, you can likely find a dildo in nearly any color you choose if you look long and hard enough, LOL!   How exciting!?!   Well, perhaps for you and/or your partner it makes absolutely no difference at all…


ALL that truly matters is that you are taking that COCK!!  🙂