Yes, Petey I am talking about YOU!!  You did it…you really did it!!!  You finally came out of the closet after 20+ years…AMAZING!  And I am SO very proud of you for doing it!  I know it was not at all easy to share and it took great vulnerability and risk on your part!!!


So for those of you that don’t know Petey, (otherwise known around these parts as “Petey cream-puff”) he has been cross-dressing for many years.  And with the exception of us lovely Mistresses, he has kept all of his wonderful feminine secrets to himself.  Well, until this year that is.  Just the other day he decided he couldn’t keep it to himself any longer and he shared his love of dresses and make-up and lingerie and yoga pants (and all things pretty and girlie) with his masseuse.


So again Petey, I applaud you because it’s one thing to share with “virtual” strangers but it’s a very different thing to share with those in your physical world.  There is a lot more at stake.  You may want or need to see these people often… and if it goes badly you are at very least uncomfortable and at worst…well who knows!


And for those of you who don’t know…here is how the story continues- Petey told his masseuse and she shared it with her girlfriend.  Both of them are going to take him shopping with them, how wonderful!  They have already been talking about foundation and lipstick colors. And Petey has shown off some of his pretty clothes only to learn that she loves his taste and wants to borrow some of them, wow!! 🙂


So, here is what I have learned…it can be risky and scary to reveal one’s true self to the world.  At times it can even be dangerous.  But when the situation is right and you’re accepted for who and what you are, there are very few things that can surpass this feeling!  The feeling that comes with being truly accepted for you, ALL of you!!!