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My Cinematic Christmas Poll Results


This is hardly scientific, but in our little poll, It’s A Wonderful Life just barely edged out A Christmas Story for the number one slot.  It’s A Wonderful Life received 9 votes as compared to a Christmas Story’s 8. And coming in a distant 3rd with 5 votes was Christmas Vacation.


Here are the complete results:

It’s A Wonderful Life- 9 votes

A Christmas Story- 8 votes

Christmas Vacation- 5 votes

Holiday Inn- 3 votes

Trading Places- 3 votes

Eyes Wide Shut- 3 votes

Miracle On 34th Street- 2 votes

Die Hard- 2 votes

Love Actually- 2 votes

Jingle All The Way- 2 votes

A Charlie Brown Christmas- 1 vote

A Muppet Christmas Carol- 1 vote

The Homecoming- 1 vote

Christmas With The Kranks- 1 vote

White Christmas- 1 vote

Home Alone- 1 vote

Lethal Weapon- 1 vote

The Ref- 1 vote

Planes Trains & Automobiles- 1 vote


This has been a lot of fun! I hope that you enjoyed both submitting your entries and seeing the results.  As I look at all of these movies there are at least 7 that I have never seen.  And now I am even more inspired, thank you! 🙂


And I’m thinking what might be fun down the road is to do this again! Perhaps for Valentines Day you all share your favorite romantic comedy and then cum June or July you inspire me again with your favorite summer movie?  And maybe next November we can all wax poetic about our most favorite Thanksgiving dishes. YUM!


Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


PS. Thus far 2 people have won free minutes for February in my random “odd” contest, YAY!



6 comments to My Cinematic Christmas Poll Results

  • Joe in FL

    I have you beat, Mandy, I’m at 12 ‘haven’t seens’ lol! I don’t think I will get caught up… 💋

  • Mandy

    Wow!! I don’t think that I mind you having me beat in this manner, Joe…lol! 🙂 I figured that I would have high rank with the #7 though. Happy New Year, Joe and thanks for stopping by!!

  • Joe in FL

    When we talk, Mandy, I try to hold out as long as I can, but girl, you win every time, and I love every bit of it!! ❤💋

  • Mandy

    Joe, you have to know that this is simply music to my ears! Thank you! 🙂

  • kneelcc

    So interesting to see so many movies on the list i never would have considered for Yule tidings. Thank You for sharing this opportunity to get a bit more insight into Your likes Goddess. It almost makes me want to get a television, or at least a bigger screen for my monitor. Wishing You a whole year of incredible joy and wonder.

  • Mandy

    Sure kneel, and thank you for saying that you’ve found it interesting and a nice opportunity to learn a bit more about Me. 🙂 It was such a fun thing to do but I can only take partial credit…the initial idea was John’s. And thank you for wishing Me an entire year of incredible joy and wonder. Not only did I love reading those words but I so enjoyed writing them, too! 🙂

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