As most of you know by now last month was My 6-Year LDW Anniversary!!  And to help me celebrate I asked for submissions from YOU on what makes LDW so very special to you.  I want to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time and energy to share!  


I received some wonderful responses but 2 in particular stood out above the rest!   So both of these lovely men have 10 FREE minutes with me which can be used now through May 31st.  Congratulations!  


Here they are…hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  🙂


LDW is different. For me it has been a lifeline.


There is a part of me that I cannot share in my real life. For a long time I barely understood it myself. But my desires went to this hidden place, and It was very hard to find anyone who understood. I can’t talk about it in my normal relationship. I’d occasionally talk to other phone services, and they rarely understood, and I often ended up talking to some bored girl reading from a script while I could sense her looking at the clock, halfheartedly trying to get me off, probably while watching some cooking show with the sound turned down.


Then I clicked on the LDW website. And I made a phone call.


The LDW mistresses could see straight into my thoughts and emotions; they understood, they cared, they let me be exactly who I wanted to be. Wow. The LDW mistresses never just put me a label on me. They talk to me as a person; they let me share, and they share their experience and wisdom with me. They are smart, they are funny, and they are very, very erotic. They have taken me to amazing places. Looking at the website you can see that they are beautiful, but when I talk to them it is their personalities and thoughts, the wonderful intangibles, that make the experience pleasurable and special. Communication — real communication about these very deep feelings and desires — is fraught with difficulties. But LDW mistresses are smart and dedicated masters of communication.


Every single part of their experience strikes some amazing balance between professional, courteous on one hand and intense and intimate on the other. The website and blogs let you learn about the mistresses and also, for simple me at least, are educational. They gave me the vocabulary to understand my deep erotic desires. The operators are always friendly and, to be honest, sexy. My excitement builds when I talk to them. And then the call is connected and I say hello (always with a bit of nervous anticipation in my voice). And then I get my socks knocked off.



i love EVERYTHING about LDW!


i know, too easy of an answer. Since brevity is not my forte’: i’ll be more specific and pick the two that stand out most: The Ladies and the corporate climate of customer care.


The Ladies of LDW to me includes not only the Entertainers and Mistresses, but the Dispatchers and Office Staff i have interacted with over the years. Ms. Ally has brought together an extraordinarily talented team and coached them well on how to make me feel important as a whole person, instead of just a quick source of income inconvenience.


This prevailing attitude has allowed me to form short, and long, term relationships, deep friendships, and even lead me on a “Spiritual” journey.  (The kink journey has been pretty amazing thus far as well).


What makes LDW different and/or unique from other erotic fantasy services i have used is not only the quality and hospitality of the entire staff; it is the consistency of the people i am able to speak with. With other services, you never know who you will get to talk to, or a place to find the Ladies’ schedule. i truly appreciate those who take time out of their busy schedule to correspond with me in chat and e-mail, which was unknown to me before i found LDW.


i keep coming back for more because of the wonderful satisfaction i feel with the all of the LDW employees i interact with. (And i’m addicted to a few who know who they are!)


Please share my deepest appreciation to all.