Closing the door behind her, she then peeked inside the envelope he placed on the vanity.  It seemed to all be there, she didn’t count it, just put it into her clutch. She freed her long dark hair and brushed it out. Next, she removed the double sided tape from her gown as there was no need for false modesty now.  A makeup wipe removed the pink lipstick and gloss and she replaced it with a deep red color, almost the color of a deep rich Cabernet.


She turned to look at herself in the mirror and then reached under the gown and pushed the thong she wore down her long legs.  Reaching inside the clutch one last time she took out a black lace band. Front and back were connected by two strands of miniature pearls that would lie on either side of her pussy lips.  She laughed to herself thinking that there must be a few surprises to heighten the fun. Little did she know what she was going to be in for this evening.


As she came back into the room Charles opened the bottle and poured them each a glass of the bubbly liquid.  “May tonight be everything you want it to be, Charles.” Her eyes looked directly into his as they touched glasses and each took a sip.


Lisa inched closer to Charles and she rested her hand on his thigh.“So my darling. What would you like me to be for you tonight?”


“Shall I be that woman who does everything and more that you wife won’t do with you?  Maybe that sexy neighbor who leaves her blinds open at night and knows that you peek at her?  I can even be that bitch in your office who teases and teases? Or perhaps your best friend’s wife or maybe your wife’s best friend?” 


All along Lisa had been softly dragging her nails over Charles’s thigh causing that tent to grow a little more.  “I know, that woman who can see right through you,” Lisa purred. She knows what kind of naughty boy you have been and that you need to confess to her, tell her all your dirty little secrets.  Is that who you want tonight, Charles?”


Charles looked away from her.  His moment of truth was about to arrive and after all this he was still unsure of himself and most of all, her.


“I…… I want you to be my wife.  I want to watch my wife fuck another man, a younger man.”


Lisa’s eyes widened.  It was the last thing she expected, but she had been sensing something had been weighing on her husband’s mind for some time now.


Lisa moved a bit closer to him and leaned in to whisper. Her painted lips brushed his cheek.  Her breath warm on his ear. “If that is what you want my love, you will have it.  After all it is your money.”



Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


PS. I want to wish you all a very Happy~ Healthy~Yummy Thanksgiving!!!