“So, you are just going to sit there and watch while your wife fucks another man?”


“Yes, just watch.  I know I haven’t been able to satisfy her like I have in the past.  I want her to be happy and not have to run around and cheat.”


Her open hand was now moving over the bulge in his pants, she would press a little harder then lighter always changing and keeping him guessing.  Charles was groaning as he began to squirm.


“That is very noble of you and you seem to have given this a lot of thought.  Are you fully prepared for this? The reality is often very different from the fantasy.  The emotions are rawer, more powerful. You may feel something you haven’t thought of. The humiliation, do you think you are ready to see your wife in ecstasy as she cums and cums with another man’s cock deep inside her? Filling her, stretching her like you could never do?”


The long slit in the dress had fallen away and Charles’ eyes were fixed on her bare thighs and stiletto heels.  He nodded, “Yes, I think I am. I love her and I want this for her.”


There was a knock on the door and Lisa’s fingers closed on his cock through his pants.  “Well my love, go and answer the door. Let’s get this party started.”


Charles opened the door and in walked James, one of the waiters from dinner.  Lisa could hardly contain her grin as she thought of the comments that her girlfriends would have made about him. If they could only see her now.


James was in his late 20’s, tall with an athletic build and a shaved head. He was also black. She rose from the couch and stepped to him resting her hands on his broad chest as she stood in front of him.  


“You made a wonderful choice, darling.  Now go over to the chair and be quiet, like a good boy should while James and I get acquainted.”


Her head tilted and she offered her lips to him which he readily took.  His arms wrapped around her as he pulled her so close to him, her arms circling his neck.  She could feel his hardness growing. “My, my, you are certainly a bad boy. I am sure you just love fucking white pussy.”


“Of course I do.  You white MILF’s certainly know how to appreciate a black man’s cock.”  He kissed her again. This time the kiss was deeper filled with more lust and passion than before.  She heard a groan slip from Charles’ lips.


Lisa turned in his arms to face Charles.  James still held her in his arms pulling her to him and rubbing his hard cock against her ass.


“Stand up please, and take off your clothes.  I want you to show James why he is here this evening.”


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


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