And the story continues…thank you sissy cumslut melody! 🙂


The next morning, Kelly opened her eyes to see Lori smiling at her.  “Good morning, sweetie,” Lori whispered.  “Are you ready for your breakfast?”


Kelly’s stomach grumbled.  Eating two loads of cum from the random guy and herself the night before wasn’t a meal.  “Yes, Goddess, I’m starved.”


“Good!  This will be breakfast in bed,” Lori said.  Kelly caught the hint of a slight giggle and was confused.  Lori, still naked from after their shower the night before, moved to sit on Kelly’s face.  “Eat up, slut!”


For many minutes, Lori pushed and ground her pussy into Kelly’s face and tongue giving Kelly only brief respites for air.  While grabbing Kelly’s hair, Lori used her pussy to smother Kelly until Lori had the orgasm she needed to start her day.


Kelly laid on her back, breathing deeply.  “Oh, I forgot to tell you my rule about masturbation last night,” Lori started to explain.  “Obviously, there’s no masturbation for you, which should go without saying, but I’ll say it now to be explicitly clear.  The chastity cage helps with that, so it’s not going anywhere, in case you had other thoughts.  But no vibrators or dildos without me present.  Understood?”


“Yes, Goddess.  Of course,” Kelly dutifully responded.  She wondered when she would be unlocked, but she figured it wasn’t a good idea to ask.


“The other part of the no masturbation rule is that your Goddess shouldn’t need to masturbate to cum either.  That’s my slut’s job, so you should expect to find yourself eating your Goddess’ pussy most mornings and many other times in the day.”


Lori waited for Kelly’s response with a smile.  At first, Kelly didn’t respond, so Lori prompted with, “Well?”  Kelly quickly realized her mistake.  “Thank you, Goddess.  Yes, of course, Goddess.”


“Good!  Now, I’m starved too.  I thought we were doing breakfast in bed, right?  And make something for yourself too.”  Lori’s tone was kind but commanding.


Still naked from the night before, Kelly jumped out of bed to get to work.  “Yes, Goddess!”




After breakfast, Lori laid out the plans for the day.  “We’ve got a very busy day lined up.  Today is all about discipline and putting you into the right headspace to serve your Goddess.  I normally wouldn’t do this so quickly, but you did say you would do ‘anything.’”


“Now, I call this suffering for your Goddess.”  Lori couldn’t contain her smile while Kelly swallowed and simply nodded.  Lori continued, “Doing this regularly is a good way to keep your behavior in tip top shape.  I’ve found that sluts tend to get a sense of familiarity without it.  And if you do slip up, we can always move to a more stringent session as punishment.  First things first, let’s start with these.”


Lori produced a set of nipple clamps with a chain between each clamp and stepped next to Kelly.  Leaning down, Lori sucked on both of Kelly’s nipples, taking time to flick each one with her tongue.  Kelly gasped in pleasure as her nipples rose and stood out from her perky breasts.  When Lori was done, she secured the clamps on Kelly’s nipples, one at a time, very slowly.  Kelly gasped again but this time in pain.


By pulling on the chain, Lori coaxed whimpers from Kelly.  “Open your mouth,” Lori commanded.  Kelly obeyed, and when Lori pulled on the chain to put it into her mouth, Kelly found she had to lower her chin to reach it.  “Now close and hold it there like a good girl.  Do you like being my good girl?”  Not wanting to drop the chain, Kelly nodded, which had the effect of the clamps pulling even more painfully.


Laughing at Kelly’s predicament, Lori said, “Go back to the living room and assume your position from last night.  Face the couch, get on your hands and knees, spread your knees apart, and don’t drop the chain.”


Kelly walked quickly to the living room trying not to move her head too much.  After assuming the required position, she waited with nipples aching and surprisingly with a leaking clitty.  After what seemed like forever passed, Lori entered the room.


“For today’s discipline, you decide how long it will take and how much you will suffer,” Lori announced.  In my hand, I have a riding crop that I’ll use seven times on different areas.  You must count out and thank me for each one without dropping the chain or moving to block.  If you lose the count, fail to properly thank me, drop the chain, or move, we start over and possibly harder.  Do you understand, slut?”


Biting down on the chain and speaking through her teeth, Kelly said simply, “Yes, Goddess.”


“Good!  Let’s begin!”  Kelly thought she was prepared, but when the first swat to her left cheek hit with a loud crack, she almost lost the chain.  She held on and managed to say, “One, thank you, Goddess.”  Another two swats to her left cheek followed, just as hard as the first, and Kelly responded quickly with, “two and three and thank you, Goddess.”  The next swat hit her right cheek, and when Kelly responded with, “four and thank you, Goddess,” Kelly laughed and said, “Wrong, slut.  That’s number one for the right cheek.  We have to start over now.”


Kelly’s cheeks were stinging and the ache from her nipples both pressed on her mind.  The crop swung down again, back to the left cheek, and Kelly counted and thanked her Goddess properly.  Lori tried switching up the cheeks a few times, but Kelly kept the count correctly.  After six swats to the left and five to the right, Kelly thought the end was near.  Lori then landed the crop squarely on Kelly’s balls.  Kelly jumped and yelled, causing the chain to drop from her mouth.


“You broke all the rules there,” Lori chastised.  “You dropped the chain, moved, lost the count, and didn’t thank me.”  Helping Kelly put the chain back, she said, “Remember, it’s seven for each area.  Shall we start again?”


Annoyed at her balls being added and feeling aches and pains from her nipples to her balls, to her ass, and to her back and knees, Kelly grumbled, “Yes, Goddess.”


“Do you think this training and discipline is unfair, slut?  Is your Goddess unfair?”


“No…No, Goddess.  Of course not, Goddess.”




“Thank you, Goddess.”




“For training and disciplining your slut, Goddess.  Thank you, Goddess.”


“Such a good girl!  Now let’s start again.”  Three swats landed swiftly on Kelly’s balls.  Gritting the chain, Kelly held firm and counted, “One, two, three, and thank you, Goddess.”  Lori changed the target of her strikes and even increased the intensity.  Even after a few screams into the couch cushions, Kelly held firm until seven swats were correctly counted out for both cheeks and her balls.


“I’m so proud of you, sweetie!  You can let go of the chain and stand up.”  Kelly stood and faced her Goddess.  Lori removed the clamps and massaged Kelly’s nipples, causing Kelly to groan from the rebound pain.  Sitting Kelly on the couch, Lori held her slut and stroked her hair.  “You are such a good girl.  You took your discipline well and learned so quickly to obey exactly what I told you.  I’m so proud of you.  How do you feel?”


Kelly thought for a moment.  Her mind felt a bit hazy.  She loved the complete loss of control and submission, only needing to do what she was told.  Finally speaking she said, “Owned, and sore too, but owned.”


Smiling, Lori responded, “I’m glad to own such a good girl, and based on how much your clitty is leaking, such a good slut.  We can sit here for as long as you want.  When you’re up to it, we can get ready for the day.  I want to take you out and about today.  When you’re ready.”


Kelly laid her head on Lori’s lap and fell asleep.


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO