sissy cumslut melody continues the story…


Kelly turned, staying on her knees and looking down as a sign of respect to her new Goddess.


“Such a good girl!  You can look up too,” Lori said encouragingly.  Kelly raised her head and almost gasped.  Hanging over Kelly’s face was a large, thick, and realistic black strap on dildo with a sexy black leather harness.  Besides the strap on and high heels, her Goddess was completely naked.  Kelly wasn’t sure what mesmerized her more, her Goddess’ huge cock or her beautiful breasts.


“I enjoyed your cock sucking show at the club so much.  Now I want to experience it for myself.”  Lori stepped forward.  Kelly hesitated for only a second, but it was enough for her Goddess to chastise her with a curt, “Get to it, slut!”


Staying on her knees, Kelly sat up and opened her mouth.  Lori’s dildo was thicker and longer than the cock from the club.  Kelly’s jaw was tired from eating pussy and sucking cock, but she didn’t want to disappoint her Goddess.  Starting with the head, she sucked and slurped her way about a third of the way down the thick shaft.  Pausing for a minute to rest, Kelly switched to her tongue, licking up and down and around the big black balls next to the harness.  Focusing on the balls, Kelly knew her Goddess was enjoying her performance by how wet Lori’s pussy was.


Moving back to the head, Kelly knew what she needed to do.  Taking a deep breath first, her mouth covered the first half of the dildo.  Fighting the urge to cough and gag, spit drooled out of her mouth and down the black cock.  Lori’s hand went to the back of Kelly’s head to push Kelly further.  Slowly, Kelly kept going.  Her eyes watered, but eventually, somehow, the black balls were next to her chin.


Through her tears, Kelly looked up at her Goddess and found what she was hoping to see, Lori’s face beaming with pride.  Kelly started to pull back but found both of her Goddess’ hands keeping her head in place.  “Sssshhh, just five more seconds,” Lori said.  “Five!”  Kelly closed her eyes and tried not to gag.  “Four!”  Spit ran down Kelly’s mouth and chin.  “Three…Two!”  Kelly focused on being a good girl.  “One!”  Lori released Kelly’s head.  “All done!”


Kelly fell backwards, coughing and breathing hard.  Lori kneeled down and gently wiped the spit and tears from her slut’s face.  “Such a good, good girl you are!”  Kelly was so happy to have served her Goddess so well.  “And good girls get rewarded.  Are you ready for your reward, sweetie?”


All Kelly could do is nod yes.  “Then bend over the end of the couch and stick your cute ass in the air.”  Kelly got to her feet and leaned over the couch arm, arching her back while still wearing her high heels to present her ass as instructed.  Behind her, Kelly could hear Lori getting something.  At first, Kelly only felt cold metal but then heard a “snip” followed by her panties falling to the floor.  “Much better,” said Lori as she used her leg to push Kelly’s legs apart followed by slaps to each cheek.


Standing straight up, Kelly’s skirt barely covered her ass, and in her current position, it was simply an accessory.  Kelly’s still caged clitty and balls dangled freely with a fresh drop of precum ready to dribble from the cage to the floor.  Lori’s finger caught the drop and massaged it into Kelly’s tight hole followed by a generous amount of lube.  Lori’s index finger pushed the lube deeper into Kelly, pausing to let Kelly relax.  Kelly let out a soft moan, and Lori provided more lube with a second finger.


Beyond horny, Kelly groaned as her Goddess found her special spot and massaged it.  Precum leaked from her clitty in a constant stream.  When Lori pulled her fingers out, Kelly whimpered.  “You are such a slut!  Let’s see what other noises you can make,” Lori said as she pushed the dildo deep into Kelly.


Gasping as she felt she was being ripped in two, Kelly let go and was soon awash in pleasure and lust for her Goddess’ cock.  Lori’s hands moved to Kelly’s hips.  With each thrust, Kelly took more and more of the black dildo until, just like with her slutty mouth, her slutty pussy took the whole thing.  Kelly’s caged clitty and balls bounced forward and backwards, slinging precum in an arc.


Lori moved one hand to the back of Kelly’s hair.  She pulled, causing Kelly to arch her back more while Lori’s other hand moved to Kelly’s breasts and nipples.  Unable to control herself, Kelly screamed, “Fuck! Fuck! Oh God! Yes!”


“That’s Goddess,” Kelly corrected with a tight pinch of Kelly’s nipple.  Even with her eyes rolling back in pleasure, Kelly knew her place.  “Yes, Goddess, yes!  I’m sorry.  Thank you, Goddess!”


Feeling completely owned and used, Kelly experienced complete surrender and pleasure like she never had before.  Her Goddess’ cock hit the right spot on every thrust, and before she knew what was happening, Kelly heard herself begging to cum.  “Oh fuck!  Yes!  Oh Goddess!  Please, Goddess!  Please may I cum?!?”


Sternly, Lori asked, “Do you promise to clean up your mess?”


“Yes!  Of course, Goddess!  I’ll do whatever you want me to do, Goddess!”


“Well, then, sweetie, when you put it that way, of course you may cum.”  Still holding onto Kelly’s hair, Lori moved her other hand to Kelly’s caged clitty.  With two more thrusts, Kelly’s cum shot from the cage and into her Goddess’ hand.  With the dildo still deep in Kelly’s pussy and Kelly’s head pulled back, Lori fed the fresh cum from her hand into Kelly’s mouth.


After Kelly licked Lori’s hand clean, Lori released Kelly’s hair and let the dildo slide out.  Kelly had to use the couch to hold herself up.  “Did you like your reward, sweetie?”


Only able to nod at first, Kelly slowly said, “Yes, Goddess.  Thank you so much.”


“You’re welcome, sweetie!  Now, let’s go get cleaned up.  Oh, and I intend to hold you to your word about doing whatever I want.”


“Yes, Goddess,” Kelly said nervously.  Following Lori to the shower, Kelly’s legs were wobbly.  Never before had she had such a hard time walking in heels.


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO

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