It’s kind of funny (in an interesting sort of way) because I wasn’t really thinking about it all that much and then someone (one of my clients actually) said…”I hope that you and John are well and that the non-summer schedule is transitioning OK.”  And then I really began to think a bit more about all of the changes that take place going from my (our) summer schedule to our school year schedule.

It really is a significant change. Since John got out of school in mid June our schedule looked a lot different!  We went from no alarm in the morning or one that goes off at 7:00 or 7:30 (and can be completely ignored or turned off for that matter) to a 4:30 alarm that must be attended to and dealt with by 5:00!

And then there is the shock to my system when I hear our front door close as John leaves for his very first day of school. The house is now quiet and empty and I will be having my breakfast all alone. Yes, I still have the company of our cat and our bearded dragon (John’s classroom pet) who is still around…but it’s just not the same. So from early morning till early evening, I am alone again.

And the summer was a time we really focused on getting things done around the house and on our cabin. We had daily and weekly goals we focused on reaching, alongside trying to have at least a little bit of fun, too. But now those moments will be fewer and far between…vacations and long weekends perhaps.

Transitions are often difficult but they are an inevitable part of life. They push us out of our rut and make us struggle to adapt. Sometimes they bring us to a better and more enjoyable place. Sometimes they don’t. But since they are inevitable we should try to embrace them for what they are. They often give our lives the spark, the interest, the mystery that makes life worth living. If we knew in advance how every moment of our life was going to play out, would it be enjoyable without the mystery of not knowing what comes next?  While not all transitions are good, we should try to find the good in all the transitions that we face.  .


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO