After receiving so much positive feedback from My very last post…I started thinking a wee bit more!


So, it’s been way too long and you miss Me, right?!   Now you are READY!   Do you find Me working?  If so, am I available to you in the moment or am I tied up with another client?  Is My call ending soon or does the dispatcher tell you that My call is open and just began 5 minutes ago?  I would not be surprised if you find yourself needing to wait a lil while as My sessions often tend to run 30, 45, 60 minutes or more!


Why am I asking you these questions?!  Well,  now that you’ve made the decision and feel good about reconnecting with Me, I want you to be able to do just that!


And if I am either not available, (i.e. not working) OR I am on a long call, OR I end up with one call after another, likely you will be left high and dry. 🙁


And I understand that for most of you this is an unhappy and unfulfilled place to be.  However, for a few of you, (and you know just who you are, lol) this can be rather stimulating!   Yes, I am making you wait while I take care of others needs first!


But, here is My real point in this whole discussion…I WANT you to be able to reach Me!  And I realize that this will never happen 100% of the time, but if we work together on it the disappointment factor can be greatly reduced.


So, how can you help Me to help you?!?   I’m so glad that you asked, lol.   I will tell you!


1)  Knowing My basic working hours will always be of help.  I work mornings, afternoons, and very early evenings (dinner time), EST/EDT weekdays.   As for the weekends, there are those that I work a great deal and those that I do not.  Again, mostly in the morning and afternoon.


2)  If you know a specific time/day that you’d like to have a call with Me please email or IM with your request.  I LOVE making appointments for My clients and it ensures that special uninterrupted time just for you!


3)  If you are able to put yourself in My queue please do!  There is no need for you to ask Me ahead of time if it’s OK…dispatch is there to make everything as seamless as possible!


4) If I can accommodate you I will.  If this means staying later, if possible I will.  If this means changing a plan, if possible I will.  If this means scheduling an appt for you during My “off” hours, if possible I will.


5) Lastly, if you ever struggle to reach Me in a timely manner you may always turn to dispatch or live help and they will be happy to (if you ask nicely ) try and get in touch with Me about My schedule and/or taking your call.


I hope you found this helpful…and just remember you can always ask! 🙂