I have known for a very long time that people have been frustrated, wondering, questioning…”Why don’t you have a blog, Mistress???”  ” I didn’t even know that you existed till today when I saw you lit up.”  “Have you been with the company for long?!”  “Well, over 4 years now,”  I recall saying.

Some of you have very much wanted to get to know Me through My words, and I did not allow you to do so.  Well, I am sorry for making it that much harder for you to learn about who I am.

So,  I want to come clean with you, so that all your wondering and confusion can be confirmed or dispelled.  It’s not because I don’t want to share Myself (Anyone who knows Me at all will tell you just how open I am).  And it’s not because I don’t care (I care deeply about My clients).  And it’s not because I think I am a crappy writer.

It IS because I had never done this before in My life, and it felt a bit daunting to Me (It might sound crazy but IMO we wouldn’t be human if there was never any angst).  It is also because I would rather focus My energy where I am confident that I excel (It’s often not easy to step outside of our comfort zone).  And I KNOW clear well that the phone is where I do some of My very best work.

So, now that I have put My cards on the table, that proverbial weight has absolutely been lifted.  I feel so much better! 🙂

And now My plan is to work VERY hard to continue down this new road with you, this bright new pathway of exploration and sharing!  I must say, it is kind of exciting!


Goddess Mandy 🙂

PS.  If you haven’t yet heard…My favorite color is GREEN!