Ohhhhhhhhhhh in just so many ways….you just need to use a little bit of imagination.  And I am here to help you do just that!   Well, me and a little guidance from my friend, the Urban Dictionary.  🙂   So, below are 7, yes 7 (of course lol) words that begin with K!


knees–  Yes your knees will come into play very largely!   One of my most favorite positions to put you in is on your hands and knees…your ass high up in the air just wiggling around as you beg and plead for me to fuck you!


knuckles–  Yes, MY knuckles will absolutely cum into play…before I penetrate you I will work my long thin pretty fingers past both knuckles…I know you love how I open you up and ready you for my beautiful cock!


kneeling–  Yes you will kneel in front of me…this is exactly how I want you…down on your knees before me…begging to suck my lovely cock!


KY Jelly–  Ohhhhhhhhh SO very vital to have a good lube and plenty of it!!!  I want you to want my cock for as long as I want to give it to you!


k9-style–  Yes, you probably figured this one out, lol.  A quick and easy way to say doing it “doggie-style”.  And some of you may know by now that this really is my most favorite position.  🙂


kaanju–  Is someone that is gay AND always the receptor or  bottom during intercourse.  OR in this case, perhaps a bottom for my beautiful strap-on cock.  Although, he just might prefer the real thing from a man instead of my lovely hardness *wink*.


kinky–  Are you??  Does this type of play fit nicely here in your mind??  I think many would consider getting fucked by a woman with a strap-on as such.  Perhaps it’s a wee bit taboo, a wee bit naughty, a wee bit OMG this is fantastic…lol!