Goddess smiles and strokes my hair and cheek. She reminds me that Her slave must not only be Her sex toy, but should also take care of Her other needs as well. She points to the tray and tells me to feed Her.


There are several cubes of different kinds of cheese, chocolate covered strawberries, grapes, chunks of pineapple and apple slices. She says the yogurt is vanilla. She leans back on Her pillows propped against the headboard as i select the biggest strawberry and gently bring it to Her lips. She opens Her mouth to take a bite, but i pause and ever so slightly use the chocolate covered tip to trace an outline of those beautiful full lips before She leans forward and takes a bite, The morsel is as juicy as i had hoped and a bit of juice trickles down at the corner of Her mouth. i so want to lick it off, but no. This is yet another challenge and I know just what is expected. 


We spend probably half an hour with me salaciously feeding Her each morsel as a delicacy to be savored. The apple slices i dip in the yogurt and teasingly paint Her lips before She aggressively bites the slice in two. The grapes, we play catch with. The cheese gives Her a nice change of taste between the cool sweet fruits. She seems to enjoy this change of pace and tells me no one has ever fed Her so well before. 


She lets me sit with Her as Her breakfast settles and i eat my protein bar after refilling our waters. Once again, She softly caresses my hair and face and begins to whisper “sweet everything’s” about us. i am very near nirvana and allowed to indulge in this reverie for what seems like a good long while.


Goddess then informs me it is time for Her bath. She gives concise instructions on where to find the towels and bath oils, and not to make the water too hot. i rouse from my blissful reverie and head into the Master bath to rinse the tub out before checking the water temperature as i begin filling the tub.


i turn and find the towel cubby and remove the two biggest, fluffiest ones there. i locate the loofah and sea sponge and set them next to the tub. i notice shampoo, rinse and body wash on the side of the tub. i recheck the water temp and find it nicely warm to my wrist. i pour in the bath oil and stir it around before shutting off the water and informing Goddess that Her bath is drawn.


She comes in and i offer Her my arm as She dips Her toes in to see how well i interpreted “too hot”. She sighs and lowers Her foot while i support Her as She steps in and sits, settling in up to Her navel. She leans back and the tips of Her hair sink into the water. As She bends Her knees to sink deeper, the only part of Her beautiful head not submerged is Her beautiful face.


i do love the way Her nipples stick out just above the waterline as She reclines…a vision of loveliness that I am so honored to pamper and serve. 


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO