I reach over and grab the shampoo, put a big dollop in my hands and begin at Her forehead to smooth the thick liquid into Her scalp. I then spread the ooze with my fingertips so that Her scalp is clean and well massaged and all the tresses have been exposed to the rejuvenating solution. 

I reach up and secure the hand wand from the shower holder, quickly adjust the water temp and with a gentle flow, rinse all the soap away from Goddess’ scalp and locks. I set the nozzle down and after squeezing the residual moisture out I retrieve the cream rinse and spread a healthy handful again through Her locks. This time I focus less on Her scalp and more on ensuring each strand is coated with tangle reducing product. I milk the excess down the thick strand and cup all the residual on the tips, before piling them up on top of Her head.

I ask Her to lean forward as  soak the loofah in the water to soften it before adding the scented body wash. Then, I start at the nape of Her slender neck and gently spread the viscous substance across Her shoulders and upper back. Next, I wash off the tops of Her shoulders and down the arm nearest me. I stand and lean over so I can clean the other arm and pay more attention to Her sides and underarms as I begin to wash Her high collar bones, sweeping outward.

I set the coarse loofah aside and procure the softer sea sponge, which is just larger than my hand. I dip it in the water and put more of the body wash on it before I begin the task of washing Her chest. Goddess sits up straight to expose more of Her breast and belly. I take my time and gently wash Her cleavage, under Her breast, and along that crease where Her breast meets Her chest. I languidly circle each of them repeatedly, taking my time to reach each nipple and gently caress them with the soft slick sponge.

Then it is down across Her smooth belly. I notice the water is cooling rapidly now, so I flip the drain and let about half the water out as I adjust the temp from the faucet. I take the opportunity with the water now lower to wash the top of Her ass and between Her cheeks. I rinse the sponge as She spreads Her thighs so i can lovingly wash Her puffy vulva.

The water soon covers it up with warmth as She leans back and puts both legs up on my side of the tub. She sends me to fetch Her new razor from the cabinet under the sink. I find it and return promptly, honored Goddess trusts me enough to shave Her sculpted legs. i put some of the body wash on my hands and smear it up and down from hip to toe, front and back. I pick up the razor and shift my position so I can support Her ankle on my shoulder as I start there and work my way up to Her knee, all around the contours of Her kneecap, before starting on the top of Her thigh and moving to the water line, and a bit below. I change ankles and begin the process anew. 

When I have efficiently removed all the fine stubble from both legs, She puts them back in the water for rinsing. I use the sponge with fresh body wash to now wash each leg in hopes the product will alleviate any irritation i may have caused. She points to a microfiber washcloth in the cubby for me to fetch. She hands me a dish with Clinique face soap in it and allows me to gently wash Her face, neck and ears. I rinse the cloth under warm running water to get the soap off before rinsing these delicate parts.

I get the nozzle wand so I can massage Goddess’ scalp free of the rinse. I slowly slide my spread fingers through Her mane, separating the strands from all entanglements.

The water is now tepid at best, so I ask Goddess to stand as I drain the tub.  I retrieve the soapy sponge and gently wash all Her private parts that were below the waterline. She puts a hand on my shoulder to steady Herself as She puts a foot on the edge of the tub so I have better access to freshen Her sex before rinsing Her body one last time with the wand. 

I retrieve the towels and set about dabbing each droplet of water off Her body before wrapping one around Her shoulders to ensure She doesn’t get a chill. I put out my hand to help Her step out of the tub. Goddess bends over so I can wrap the other towel around Her damp hair.

She takes a seat at Her vanity, points to Her razor again and tells me to trim up Her landing strip. I try my best to keep my hands steady as I take a bit of lotion and lube the area to prevent razor burn. I am most careful as I pay close attention and finally denude Her sex of all excess stubble. I take the damp sponge and delicately wipe up all the trimmings. 

She hands me a bottle of moisturizer and i gladly glide my hands all over Her body, systematically spreading the lotion until I have covered Her completely. She then has me dab a bit on my fingertip and spread it around Her eyes, cheeks and lips.

I pause for a moment to once again bask in the radiance of Goddess’ exquisite beauty, feeling very privileged to have the opportunity to serve Her in such an intimate way.  


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO