And for many of us, too soon it shall be colder shorter days and longer nights…we recall the relaxing carefree days by the pool, lake, or ocean and those warm, sticky, sultry nights  🙂   Yet, it will likely be weeks and perhaps only days before our warm summer fun becomes just a distant memory.


But, all the warmth and fun doesn’t completely have to end…does it?!?!  Well, I certainly don’t think so!


Cooler weather is a time for more sensual and perhaps romantic pleasures… a delicious homemade meal…a nice bottle of wine… a cup of warm cocoa & marshmallow by the fireplace… or perhaps snuggling with your honey.


And perhaps you’ll find your warmth (and fun) getting naked together by the fire OR creating your own kind of sexy naughty fun under the covers. *wink*


But, if you don’t have that “special someone” to enjoy these wonderful pleasures with, just know that I am here for you and would love to indulge in some of these delicious delights with you!   We can be sexy, and sensual, and romantic, and ohhhhh I almost forgot, naughty lol.


And you can make Me a yummy meal (because I LOVE to eat), and we can share a delicious bottle of wine, and we can get naked in front of a glowing roaring fire together (something I also happen to LOVE ), and really…we can indulge in whatever pleasures your body, mind and spirit can dream up!!


Just think of how much heat we’ll create together!!!  🙂