Well, if so we definitely have at least one thing in common 🙂   Yet, I am sure there is much more for us to explore.


Planning for Me feels so good and so right.  Don’t get Me wrong…I can be as spontaneous as the next girl.  But, I work best, most efficiently, and am at My happiest when I have a plan and I’m not flying by the seat of My panties, lol.


So, why the heck am I even telling you this about Me??   Well it’s because part of My planning entails mapping out My week to see what I want and/or need to accomplish.   And this can be anything from grocery shopping, to dry-cleaning, to helping a friend, to going to the dentist.


But, more than anything, I LOVE to plan out My “work week”.   And for Me there is no better way to do this than with YOUR help!   So, if you’re a planner like Me…let’s make a plan!


And yes, My normal hours are predominantly during the day…but this does not mean that we can never speak in the evening.   However, it does mean that in order for this to actually happen you will need to ask Me if I can make Myself available to you next Tuesday evening at 9 PM or next Friday night at 11 PM.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE making appointments for My clients!!!   I get to plan and you get to Me  :).   This scheduled time becomes yours and yours alone.   I block off this time just for you…and I ALWAYS do My best to accommodate!


So, how do you go about scheduling an appointment with Me??   It’s easy…all you need to do is email or IM Me.   Or, if time is quite short (perhaps less than 5 or 6 hours)  Live Help or Dispatch can help communicate your wants, needs, and desires with Me.  They are wonderful and love to help!!!