Well…what do you think…Are You??


What IS a sissy anyway??


Do you have to dress a certain way?


Act in a particular manner?


Think ONLY about boys, their cock, their cum?!?


Pretty lil yellow panties with a bow in front??  Or maybe you need to be dressed all in PINK… frilly and poofy and girly?? Or perhaps a pair of black, silky, lace thong panties with a matching bra, garter and stockings are more your speed??  Or maybe you spend your days in a gray and white pressed and pleated maid’s uniform, ready and waiting at your Mistress’ beckon call!!


Do you pose in the mirror, often day and night?  Admiring that pretty face looking back at you…ohhhhh what sheer delight!! 🙂


And maybe you paint your fingernails, and likely your toes…shaving your long legs to look puuuuurfect in those hose!


Checking out the latest in fashion, you know you just have to…it’s almost a need to keep up with those Kardashian’s!


And what about that cock… what about that cock you say?!?  Well, you can have ALL you want…just let them have their way!! *wink*


So tell Me My lil sissy…tell Me true, is this sounding at least a wee bit like YOU?  🙂