And even though I know it’s true, I don’t want it to be true.  I don’t want my Anniversary Month to end!  I want to keep the Celebration going and going and going!


After all, 6 Years in such a wonderful place is ABSOLUTELY worth celebrating, don’t you think???


And I REALLY want you to help me!   How can you help me celebrate the last few days of my LDW Anniversary you ask??




Some of you may recall one of my last posts eluding to the possibility of “sweetening the pot”.  Well that is exactly what I am going to do!  So read on!



(1) Email or Post a submission sharing what you love about LDW!

(2) Must be a Minimum of 100 words (No Maximum)

(3) Must be Submitted by Midnight on 3/31

(4) I will post my favorite one right Here!

(5) My favorite will receive 10 FREE MINUTES with me (To be enjoyed by 4/30)


So, here are a few questions that might help get your creative juices flowing…What do you love about LDW?!?  What keeps you coming back for more?!?  Is there something that makes LDW unique?!?   Is there something that makes us Extra special?!?


Can’t wait to read YOURS!!! 🙂