Well…actually there are 2!   Yes, that’s right…there are two pretty wonderful guys who have won!   Why two you ask…well I will be happy to explain. 🙂


First of all as many of you already know…I take many many things into account when I assess a situation.  And often first blush can be a lil bit deceiving.  So, I went back and combed through the details of the data and here is what I came up with…


When I looked purely at most “directly correct” answers, the winner is Ryan (aka Castaway)! Congratulations to you, Castaway…listening and reading up on Ms. Mandy really paid off!!


However, as I said, there are 2 pretty wonderful guys.  And this other guy gave the most thoughtful and intimate details in his responses… responses that could only come from someone who knows Me deeply!   So, I also want to congratulate you neal (aka kneel) for giving such care and thoughtfulness in your answers AND for being hands down, the very first to submit them!  Congratulations!!


So, each of you may redeem 10- Free Minutes with Me sometime this month!   Yay!!!  🙂


And lastly, I want to thank ALL of you that took the time and gave the effort to answer My 20 Questions!!!  I truly truly appreciate you!   I had a lot of fun putting My questions together and I hope that you had fun in the answering!!  So, to this end…here are the answers to My 20 Questions:



  1. Where was I born (state is fine)?    Massachusetts 

  2. How many brothers and sisters do I have?   1 Sister

  3. What is My favorite color?   Green

  4. What are My 3 favorite TV shows (hint…reality)?    Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, The Bachelor/Bachelorette

  5. What is My very most favorite (sex) toy?   My “Clit” Vibrator

  6. Who are 2 of the Mistresses that I have gotten to know quite intimately?    Possible options are Daphne, Lilly, Delia, Scarlet, & Violet

  7. What is My favorite number?   7

  8. What is My favorite position?   “Doggie” Style

  9. Which would I prefer…to feed you your cum OR to deny you release?    Feed You!!!

  10. What is the name of My boyfriend?   John

  11. Which part of a man do I find the sexiest?   His Mind or Brain 

  12. Have I ever walked naked on a beach in broad daylight?    Ohhhh Yes!

  13. Which can I tolerate better…sweltering heat or frigid cold?   Frigid Cold

  14. Which would I prefer…calling you a worthless piece of crap OR telling you that I am proud of you?        I Am Proud Of You!  

  15. What 2 degree’s have I received (partial credit may be applied)?   BS in Special Ed &  MA in Counseling Psychology

  16. Who is My favorite artist (singer/songwriter)?   James Taylor 

  17. Have I ever participated in a gang-bang?  Ohhhh Yes!  

  18. Have I ever been to a swingers party?    Ohhhh Yes!  

  19. Who is My favorite team?   Boston Red Sox 

  20. Hunky, well-hung bad boy OR Smart, sensitive, geek…who do I choose for a date?                                             Smart, Sensitive Geek for sure!