So, I guess we really should discuss this “harness” thing as without it you really don’t have ANY strap-on play…LOL! Well…that is actually not entirely correct…but this is where I will be focusing my energy and attention.


So, there are a LOT of different types of harnesses out there on the market.  Of course some are built much better and much sturdier than others.  And for my money, I prefer the sturdier variety!  First choice for me…leather.  🙂


So, let’s talk a lil bit about what a harness might be made of…


Synthetic:   This is a very common material used in constructing harnesses.  Often nylon or a synthetic leather are used.  They are often quite durable, affordable, and easy to clean.  Generally 3 very desired attributes.

Plastic:   These are sometimes made of vinyl and are often available in many colors besides black.  They may be less comfortable than other materials and may not fit quite as well either   They are also very easy to clean and usually quite sturdy.

Latex:  Harnesses made of this material tend to have a more fuller body coverage vs. just having straps.  They are a bit pricier than some other harnesses but not outrageous.  They unfortunately do not last quite as well as those made of slightly more sturdy material, especially if used with an oil-based lube.  They often require special cleaners or shiners to keep them from turning dry and dusty.  And, they can be harder to use as this material is so flexible that it and the dildo can sometimes be quite floppy.

Leather:   Last but not least…my favorite material!  They are very comfortable and therefore adjust well to one’s body. Yet, they are still very strong.  The only drawback…it is harder to clean and takes a bit more effort maintain than other materials.


These are certainly not the only options out there for harnesses  If you have a favorite or some input I would love to hear from YOU!!


The harness serves as an integral foundation to strap-on play.  While our preferences may vary, it is certainly one of the most important elements leading us to fully enjoy strap-on play!


And guesses what I might be?!?