I really don’t want to choose!


They ALL sound so damn good…don’t you think?!?


But, what could be better than a finger running around the rim of your anus?!?


Maybe it’s a tease…


Or maybe it’s foreplay that will lead to much much more… 🙂


Maybe it’s a lil bit of pleasure to enhance some other sexual indulgence…


Or maybe it’s the opening caress to a full on anal experience!


Whether it’s your finger or the finger of another…fingers can multiply the pleasure.


Unlike using a strap-on, a finger is sensitive.  It gives pleasure to it’s owner as well as increasing the intimacy of the contact.


It is the perfect prelude to any strap-on play!




Fingers can be gentle

fingers can be strong

fingers can massage and stretch

fingers can’t go wrong  

One finger, two fingers,

three fingers, four?

Are you are ready for my strap-on

and so much more?!

I see you on your knee’s

before me as you hope and pray,

begging your Goddess to fuck you,

fuck you right away!