Bend Over Baby or to put it a bit more crassly…Bend Over Bitch cause here comes my cock!!


Of course some of you shared your thoughts on what “B” should be, didn’t you?!  And I so appreciate your input, thank you!!


More than a few of you said…BBC!  And who doesn’t love a BBC???  Now for those of you just joining the program here *wink* that stands for Big Black Cock!


And of course my lovely strap-on could be be a BBC but it could just as easily be a huge and lovely pink cock, or a flesh colored cock, or even a purple cock, lol.  Or, maybe it’s a not so huge pink cock, or flesh colored cock or purple cock.


Now, why would I choose to fuck you with a smaller cock, you ask?!  Well, because ALL of this may be new to you so I might just need to slowly work you up to bigger and better things…you know what I mean?!? *wink*


Rome was not built in a day, and your ass is not ready to accommodate a 9″ cock if it’s only been penetrated by a finger.   It will take a lil bit of time to handle something THIS big!!  But yet, I digress…lol!


So, let’s get back to my “B” (Bend over bitch cause here comes my cock), shall we?!


I want you bent over on the bed…preferably on your hands on knees…making all of the noises and movements of a lil bitch in heat!  YES, that’s it, puuuuurfect…you are a natural!!


Although there are certainly other positions that I could take you in…doggie style most definitely tops my list… pun perhaps intended.  🙂


So, “C”…what will it be???