So with life being crazy, as it often can be, a few weeks later we finally did connect with our next door neighbors.  We walked over twice that first week but knocking on their front door brought no additional information nor closure to the situation.  It was our yard…but clearly we now had confirmation that it was indeed their tree.


Striking out twice we decided to leave a note on their mailbox, explaining the situation (had they even noticed the tree?) and asking them to get in touch. The next day we got a voicemail and indeed my thinking had been confirmed. They had not seen the massive fallen tree.


When John and I reached Larry via phone he stated he was not completely certain that it was their tree. He sounded nice enough but the look on John’s face and the feeling that permeated through me was….Uh oh, is this going to be a battle?


John shared his very fair solution…clean-up costs split and wood equally shared as well. Larry said that he didn’t want the wood as they hardly burn it but was happy to let us have it all. However, he wanted the town to assess the situation….the tree….the property line, etc. And said he would want to to do that first and get back to us.  We cordially said OK and hung up the phone quite unhappy with how that had gone.


Not five minutes after hanging up, our phone rang. It was Larry.  He said that they were happy to pay for half of the clean-up costs if it wasn’t more than $200-$300. Then he recommended a company that he had used before. We told him that sounded great and I shared that I really appreciated his call back.


John and I discussed how happy we were that he almost assuredly had spoken with his other half.  Although now John was feeling badly about the whole situation, specifically the money of course.  He said let’s see what the cost is and since we’re getting all of the wood maybe we’ll ask them to pay just a small amount.  I agreed that this seemed really fair.


Well, long story short, we called that company and they had no interest in our “project” they said. In the meantime John wanted us to have better access to the yard so he got out his 12″ saw and went to it. When he came back inside he explained that he should be able to handle most of the tree after he gets a new chain for his 16″. And hopefully find someone with a larger saw when he gets closer to the base. 


I was thrilled with this news. I have always been impressed by John’s ability to build, fix, or solve almost anything! But honestly…it is his ever positive attitude that has changed me in some of the most wonderful ways. And in turn, won not only my utmost respect, but my heart!



Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO