It’s time to step up and compete to make my 7-Year Anniversary the best EVER!  That’s right, March is my 7- Year Anniversary with LDW and I want you to help make it amazing!!! Seven is very special and I want YOU to make it even more special for me!


So, instead of March Madness let’s try a little Mandy Madness!!


I want you all to compete for your Goddess’ favor so I am decreeing a competition of the highest order! I want all of my worthy subjects to compete to win my affections.  The winners and worthy competitors will be rewarded for their efforts.  The champions and valiant participants will receive prizes.  But such tokens pale in comparison to your Goddess’ approval of your achievements.


Let the games begin!


My competition will include 3 categories:  (1) the individual who has the longest call (2) the individual who calls on the most days (3) and the individual who has the most (total) minutes.


For those of you who just can’t bear to say goodbye to me you’ll likely be in the running for the longest call.  If you win, 10 free minutes will be yours. 🙂


For those of you looking or needing a more frequent dose of me, my voice, my laugh, my humiliation, or perhaps my guidance and/or support…you’ll likely find yourself on track to win total call days. And if you do, 15 free minutes shall be yours. 🙂


And for those of you who simply want me ALL of the time (if that was possible) and would rather spend hours and hours with your Goddess instead of almost anything else!  Well…it will likely be you that captures total minutes and in turn top prize of 20 free minutes with me. 🙂


So, in addition to these 3 categories, there will also be 2 other awards given, “Participation Awards”.  You may win a participation award one of two ways… call me for 250 minutes or more AND/OR call me on 7 or more days.  And if you win, 7 free minutes will be added to your April call. 🙂


Here are the Special Rules (AKA the Fine Print):

1) This competition runs from March 1-31st.

2) All prizes and participation awards (free minutes) must be used in April.

3) You can only win 1 (one) prize.

4) Winning a prize makes you ineligible for any other prize or participation award.

5) If you do not win a prize you are eligible for 1 (one) participation award.

6) Only 1 (one) call per day counts towards “call days”.  You may call me 4X in one day but that will only be 1 (one) call day of the 7 (seven).

7) Everyone who qualifies for a participation award may add 7 free minutes to 1 (one) call in April.  There is no limit on the number of individuals who may win.  


There’s no pay if you don’t play!!!  Good luck to you all and let’s have some fun!!!