Suzanne was standing at the hotel bar with some friends after the dinner. Bryan had gone up to the room a bit earlier.


Her phone chimed and she stepped away and answered it.




“Hi, is this Lisa?”  She smiled as she recognized her husband’s voice.  It was all part of a little game they would play.


“Yes, it is.  Who is this and how did you get my number?”


“I am Charles.  I saw your site and called the number and spoke to a woman named Cynthia.  She asked me some questions and a few minutes later called me back and gave me your number.”


She gave a little chuckle.  “Cynthia takes very good care of me.  Now what can I do for you?”


“I know it is late and short notice, but I was hoping you might be available?”


“Yes, I could be, Charles.  Where are you and for how long would you like to see me?”


“I am at the St. Regis midtown and for 3 hours?”  There was a little begging in his voice.


“It so happens that I am close to you now.  Did Cynthia explain the consideration to you and are you prepared for that?”


Suzanne was still within earshot of her friends and some were overhearing and had startled looks on their faces.


“She did and yes, I can do that.”


“Good.  Just a few details.  I am a bit thirsty and I don’t want us to be disturbed so please order a bottle of champagne now and when it is delivered call me.  Place the consideration in an unsealed envelope and leave it on the bathroom vanity. I will talk to you in a bit, Charles. Don’t take too long.”  Suzanne winked to her friend as she ended the call.


“Suzanne!  Is that what it sounded like?  Are you a hooker?”


“Well Jennifer, I prefer the term escort.”  She paused waiting for her friend’s reaction.  When she got that look, she laughed and shook her head.  “It was Bryan. It is a little game we sometimes play. It adds a little spice to things and gives us a little freedom to step outside of ourselves.”  


Nancy then joined the conversation.  “So what will you do?” “Anything Bryan desires, after all he is paying for it.” “He is actually paying you to have sex with him?!”  “Yes, $1,000 for 3 hours.” Nancy was startled. “And you will do anything for him? Even anal?” “Nancy, let me ask you this. If Rob was to give you $1,000 tonight, would you let him fuck you in the ass?”  Nancy turned beet red. “I thought you would.”


The phone chimed again and this time Suzanne did not step away.“Charles, darling. So good to hear from you again. So everything is ready.  Very good, now what is your room number? Perfect, I am leaving now and I will see you in just a little bit.  Now you be a good boy, until I get there.”


Suzanne put the phone back in her clutch.  “Well ladies, enjoy the rest of the night. I need to freshen my makeup and I have work to do.” She winked at them and turned to leave. If you were to look closely, you would see a little lewd sway of her hips.



Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


PS. Isn’t it nice to just escape sometimes?!?