After what seemed like an eternity, Charles heard the soft knock on the door of his room.  He was more than a little embarrassed as he went to open it as the little pup tent in his pants was now quite evident. He opened the door and Lisa breezed into the room.  The scent of her perfume teased Charles’ nostrils. As she smiled and extended her hand, she leaned to kiss him on the cheek.


“Charles, what an absolutely delightful pleasure to meet you.  I hope I haven’t kept you waiting for too long this evening. It took a little bit longer to get here than I anticipated.”  


She winked as she glanced a little lower at him noticing the slight bulge in his pants.  “Speaking of anticipation, you haven’t been a naughty boy while you were waiting now, have you darling?”


“Ummm… ummmm no Lisa, I haven’t been naughty.  After seeing your site, I couldn’t believe that I would actually get the chance to be with you. You are a very beautiful and exciting woman.”


“Thank you, Charles,” she purred and turned to walk into the center of the room.


“My my, champagne, my favorite.  How very thoughtful of you. Chocolate covered strawberries too.  Charles, you have totally outdone yourself. I must confess, you certainly know how to impress a woman.”


Lisa glided to the table and stood behind it facing him.  She lowered herself to take one of the luscious berries. As she did, the deep V of her low cut gown gave Charles an extremely generous peek at her full cleavage.


Eyes never leaving his she chose a fat berry and lifted it to her lips. She seemed to kiss the tip as her velvet tongue snaked out to lick the dark chocolate.  Charles shivered as her smile seemed to turn into a snarl as she took a bite of the fruit, the juice gushing into her mouth.


She grinned and winked at him and his cheeks were burning a bright red. “Please excuse me for a moment or two, I just need to take care of a thing or two and then I am all yours.  Is that ok?”


“Of course, Lisa.  Whatever you need to do.”  She smiled and turned to walk into the bathroom.  That same lewd sway of her hips returned as she left.


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


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