The very first poem has now been received. I am happy, grateful, elated… to be honest. Something inside of me felt deeply touched, upon first read. And indeed that something has not left. That something nearly filled me with tears…the good kind…so moved not pained nor distraught.

Maybe because I used to write myself, once upon a much earlier day. But no matter the why’s, I gleefully share with you this beautiful poem. And I hope that it touches something inside of you, too. 🙂


her words come back in the night, prod me half awake, take me away

her words come soft and hard, sneaking and exploring

wrap me up and take me away to places I have never been

places I am afraid of but desire


but she is more than a few words

a kink comes straight when I feel her near me

mandy makes me blush


she makes me sweat,

and in the end I am collapsed, fetal, exhausted, exhilarated,

surrounded by gentle words


and every time we talk

she opens a new book

in her library of mysteries


and with every book we share

we write our own together

chapter by chapter


some chapters share sunshine and warm summer memories

I tell her mine and she tells me hers

and lets me know her

and I let her know me


others have sadness or challenge

because life is sadness and hard roads


and electric secret stories

she knows the deepest things I’m thinking

making me hard and my heart beat fast


and sometimes I am sad

because I will never see her face

and walk talking on the shore


some chapters surprise me and maybe her too

and those are the best

as we discover

we are friends


the embrace slips away

the book is closed

fingers separating, the fleeting touch

a memory

until we talk again


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO