Hey there, stroker! It’s Goddess Mandy. I wanted to check in w/ you before I headed out on my date.  What am I wearing, you ask? Well, I have this lovely black dress and the perfect pair of strappy heels to match.


You may have seen me showing off this outfit a few weeks earlier when you were over here on housework duty. By the way, thanks for doing my laundry earlier. I know that you were disappointed that it was just linens today. You’ve been taken off my delicates for the time being after getting caught doing a bit of unwarranted sniffing last week. You remember that, don’t ya my little panty sniffing pervert?


Nevertheless, as a token of my appreciation for your hard work, I have a little surprise for ya. After all, I know all about your typical rendezvous with “rosie palm” whenever I’m out on a date with one of my boy-toys, LOL.


So anyway, head on into the kitchen and take a look inside the cupboard next to the fridge. See anything new in there? No? Hmmm, well I suppose that makes sense. After all, I did just put something in there. It’s kinda hiding in plain sight. Give up? On the bottom shelf…that’s right lol, it’s the peanut butter!


Have you figured it out yet? Has the nickel dropped? I know you have been in a long term monogamous relationship with your hand, but I’m going to offer you the opportunity to spice things up a bit. Besides, making a stroker slut fuck a jar of peanut butter at my insistence has always been a fun little fantasy of mine.


So later tonight, while my stud is sliding his thick dick into my perfect pussy, guess what you’re going to be fucking? You guessed it, the peanut butter!


Now, slide your pants down to your ankles and grab that thing you call a dick. Take a couple of strokes to get it hard. Given what you’re working with, it’s not too far a distance for your hand to travel, lol.  Is it hard yet? Good! Okay, now slide off the cap to that jar. Put your face up to the peanut butter and stick your tongue out. Give it a nice inviting lick with your flat tongue. You know the rules…you gotta lick it before you stick it. Well, that is the usual guideline anyway…you’re probably not used to getting green lights to stick much lol, except this peanut butter!  


So, let’s get back into it – slide that dick into that warm peanut butter…that’s it. How does it feel? Now as you start to pump in and out, think about how you would do it in the extremely unlikely event that I would allow you to fuck me. That should put an extra spring in your step (or your stroke), shouldn’t it? Are those balls finally beginning to throb? You’re going to pump a load of cum into the jar, aren’t you?  Go ahead…that’s a good hand humper…time to make a mess. You ready? Okay – counting down…3…2…1…cum for me!


Wow…very impressive! You really showed that jar of peanut butter who’s boss, lol.  Now before I let you go, there’s just one more thing. I want you to go into the fridge and get two pieces of bread. Oh, and grab a knife. That’s right…it’s time to apply that peanut butter on the bread…that peanut butter so nicely mixed with your “man-jam”. That’s it…spread it nice and thick! And I know you know what I want you to do next! 


Yes indeed…Bon-Appetite!


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


PS. Here’s a little reminder…if you have a birthday in February that has not yet passed let me know! You just might get 10 free minutes with me! 🙂