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Recently i went to visit a long-time friend on the other side of the country. Even though i knew Brendan was bi, and preferred men, we had never allowed the thought of “hooking up” to endanger our friendship. Shortly after i arrived he shared with me about his recent purchase of a fucking machine and how long it had been since he had had sex. Both of which i filed away for introspection.


It didn’t take long before i was reaching out to Goddess Mandy to share the idea of having Her watch me try out his new sex toy. I so wanted to demonstrate my yearning to please Her with my progress of being open. Little did i imagine how just how open She would demand.


Goddess was delightfully pleased to hear of the possibility of my putting on a show for Her, perhaps with Brendan acting as cameraman. Her interest in this machine was piqued. And since i hadn’t seen it yet, i requested an appointment for the following day when i would be driving him to work. I wanted him to tell Goddess all about it.


Pleasing my Goddess is Stimulating

While i am not interested in pleasing men on my own, the thought of sharing something with Goddess (after 10+ years of fantasizing together) that She and i both found stimulating was incredibly arousing! The possibility of actually being able to perform this simple act of tribute to enhance Her pleasure, while selfishly increasing my own, was something that i had to share and explore. I could hardly wait for the impending conversation.


Even though Goddess had never been in session with Brendan, the three of us had spoken on several occasions previously. This definitely helped the conversation to flow more easily. He began by describing the thruster as about the size of a shoe box, with suction cup feet and a rod sticking out the short end about 12”. He spoke about it having a microphone style clip with numerous insertable attachments of graduating diameters, even a Fleshlight.


What Goddess thinks of the Sex Toy

As You can imagine, things were getting quite stimulating with this description and his experience trying it out. Then i asked Goddess to share what She was thinking and how this might fit into one of our virtual scenarios. i was gobsmacked when the first thing She told Brendan was how much She wanted to see me get fucked in the ass. And then asking him if he would do that for Her. His immediate response was: “Yes Goddess, if that would please You?”  So before hanging up, we set a time for the following morning.


I was in a strange town and Brendan was working. So, i decided to do a little shopping to try and make the next morning a bit more special for my Goddess. Do you know how hard it is to find green lingerie in department stores?!? It’s a good thing that i had adequate time to eventually find a nice bra and panties that worked together. I also got my hands on a nice pair of lace top thigh highs for the occasion.


Preparing to Please Goddess Mandy

I didn’t sleep much due to the huge dose of fantasy fodder Goddess Mandy and Brendan had dumped to my now hyperactive mind monkeys. So i was up early and began my preparation by queuing up Enigma, Principles of Lust, in my earbuds. Then i took my purchases from the day before up to the bathroom.


I then began to center my tantric energy, align my chakras, and make the metaphysical connection Goddess and i share become more vibrant. An important part of this process is cleaning my body both inside and out. It is very important to be clean for my Goddess. Then into the shower to shave my face and pelvis so to be smooth to Her touch; finishing the soap wash with a cold shower, to take the starch out.


I was thrilled at how well the lingerie fit and by the feel of the silk hose hugging my muscular legs. Then i put on my clean hiking pants, t-shirt and sun shirt, knowing just how much Goddess likes surprises.


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO

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