So… my boyfriend brought home this really interesting and funny book the other day, lol.  I love that he was thinking of me and just as much that it was such a uniquely fun surprise!  And even though he just LOVES to cook (and does it so damn well) I knew that it was clearly for my amusement more than anything else.  Oh well, and of course it kinda fits really nicely with what I do, lol! 🙂


The book is called Fifty Shades of Chicken by FL Fowler, lol.  It’s hysterical, creative and crazy well done! 🙂  And on a side note (those sides are important you know), the pictures and recipes look pretty damn fabulous as well!


Here is a piece of how it all started…

“Suddenly the fridge door I’m resting on swings open, and I find myself rolling off the shelf and falling toward the kitchen floor. Crap. My plastic wrapper bursts as I land, and my giblet bag slides halfway out.  Double crap.  Damn my cheap packaging.”

“Instantly I feel hands on me, lifting me carefully from the tiles. Long, powerful fingers cradle me from underneath and expertly tuck my giblets back in place.  Holy cow. Something clenches deep inside me.”


So, maybe you’re thinking….why is Mandy sharing this?!?  Well, I will tell you!  I think it would be so much fun to come up with our very own 50 Shades of…Our very own Sexy 50 Shades of anything you want!!


And to help you think more about it….here are just some of the names of his sexy dishes…”Mustard-Spanked Chicken”,  “Jerked-Around Chicken”, Chicken With A Lardon”, “Spread-Eagle Chicken”, “Come Hither Chicken”, “Pound Me Tender”, and “Hashing It Out The Morning After”.


Damn, this Fowler guy is good!  I can’t decide on a favorite, LOL!


But, I am really looking forward to hearing your creative ideas… are a few of mine to perhaps help you along…50 Shades of Ice-Cream (delicious)…50 Shades of Margaritas (yummy)…50 Shades of Brownies (chocolately goodness).  But I really want to hear your thoughts!  And it doesn’t need to be food!  I wrote this when I was hungry *wink*.


AND just to spice things up… for the person who cums up with the the most fun, creative, and sexy ideas…you get 10 free minutes with me! 🙂  That’s right…so let’s go…let your creative juices flow!!!