Now that I am in the process of making ALL of these deliciously yummy lemon items…it makes sense to talk about ALL of the good that has and is coming out of this BIG bag of lemons!


Because no matter what we are struggling with, we can always look on the bright side…there is always a silver lining. And when I truly think about it, there really is a LOT to be grateful for!


So, as I work to heal my body in the weeks and months ahead,  I am grateful to be learning more about it and just how I can better take care of it now and for my future health and wellness.  It’s really a gift that’s being afforded to me now…to regroup, to strengthen, and to heal.


I am listening to my body more intently than I ever have, knowing when I can push or pull, or stretch myself in a certain manner.  And knowing when it’s time to stop and take a rest and allowing myself to do so.  🙂


I now know that I can cope with more…I am both physically and mentally stronger than I thought!


I have felt JUST how helpful having a PMA (positive mental attitude) truly is!!!  It has made ALL the difference for me in getting through each day, these past bunch of months!  And in understanding more clearly than ever before how my attitude can not only impact others but can also serve as inspiration.


And I have been truly touched by so many of you…people that I have never met (at least in person) who have shown me so much kindness, care, and love.  THANK YOU!!!!


And last, but certainly not least…I am SO grateful that I can fully give and receive love!