Greatness is something that I always seek in My life!

On time and prepared for our sexy session is what I expect from you at all times!

Do not ever be disrespectful to your Goddess!

Do not ever take your Goddess for granted!

Eating your cum (or someone else’s for that matter) is the puuuuuurfect way to please Me!

Sexy is how you feel about yourself inside and out…it is a state of mind…the state that I ALWAYS prefer to be in!

Seven is My favorite number…7 spanks, 7 strokes, 7 kisses to each of My pretty painted feet…7 kisses to each of  My lovely ass cheeks!

Masturbation is healthy, wonderful, and delicious…as long as it doesn’t completely consume you!

Anal play is Hot & Sexy & Fabulous!!!  Grab a vibrator, a carrot, a hairbrush, your fingers…just grab something dammit!:)  And no…it does not mean that you are gay! But if you have not tried it I will tell you just one thing…you JUST don’t know what you’re missing!!! 🙂

Naughty is one of My most favorite words in the whole wide world!!  It is fun and playful and can include just about anything.

Dildos, dildos, dildos…so many dildos, so little time.  So many different shapes…so many different sizes…plastic, rubber, silicone, metal, glass….vibrating…ooooh yes now we are talking huh?!

Yes I am a switch and I am bisexual too…I can be downright nasty and crude calling you every name in the book…seconds later sweetness and sunshine without batting an eye…THAT is how I roll! ;).

Did you learn anything new boys???