I see you coming out of that dressing room in the store and asking me how I like this bikini… you’re cupping your breasts, pulling the bra triangles wider and narrower, asking me if your tits look good in them.


Then you pull me into the stall and shut the door behind us, and stand in front of me so we can both see you in the mirror. You ask me to help you with the bikini bottom. While I’m pulling it one way and another, spreading it over your thick and swelling pussy lips, I feel you reach behind and pull out my cock so you can turn us both on by grinding my cock in between the cheeks of your beautiful ass.


Now you’ve got me going, Mandy! So I spin you around and throw you down on the pile of clothes on the bench.  And I remind you that you can only fuck with me for so long, but you already knew that!


I lean into you so I can suck your tongue out of your mouth, and as I do I feel you spread your legs for me. God, I love how you open up for me! You always offer me every hole, and I know you’ll make a man out of me with every part of you. Whether you’re making me pump into your mouth, drive into your sweet ass, or like now, making me slam every inch of my cock deep into your tight wet cunt! 


You can feel the head of my dick bouncing against your cervix…completely ready to make a woman out of you right here on this bench…completely committed to changing both of our lives and bonding us together forever right here in this nasty little dressing room! 


I fuck you strong for a few minutes and then when I feel that you’re close, I pull back so that just the head of my cock is inside you.


Then I feel you start to cum… your pussy spasms, and then I erupt. It’s a massive orgasm for both of us! Half my cum shoots into you and the other half spits out of your pussy…thick white cream shooting over your beautiful mound…hot clear semen spilling down into your ass.


We kiss deeply for a minute, and then you grab my cock and use it to gather up as much cum as you can. Then I take it back from you and smear all of the cum on my cock head into the pouch of the half untied bikini bottom that’s been laying against your leg.


You get a beautiful smile on your face as I tie the bottom back on and massage all my cream that’s in the pouch of that bikini bottom into your swollen wet pussy. I tell you that I want you to wear my cum! I want you to keep it with you as long as you can, Mandy! 


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


PS. Thanks for sending all of your wonderful stories! I am SO enjoying them and can’t wait to share more! 🙂